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Urbanlux Sunset Premium



Resident · 2012 - 2017
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Office Staff
I've seen the transition from the old owners to the new owners and management. Since they took over in Sept 2016, we've had at least 3 different building managers and we've gone from onsite maintenance staff, to shared maintenance staff (they also own/operate Venue on Poinsettia Pl.) to now a seemingly outsourced maintenance staff. While I'm sure they'll tell you that they've painted the building, redone the hallways, upgraded the hallways, the main elevator has been down for over a month now. Before it's recent shutdown, it was going down at least monthly on average for about 5-7 days a month. The freight elevator also goes down on a semi-regular basis, sometimes at the same time as the main elevator. They have been constantly repairing and renovating, sometimes on the same thing they've previously renovated (we're on our 2nd lobby renovation). Yet they do not focus on security as many times doors don't latch or get held open due to broken locks. We have had thefts from inside the building and multiple residents have had delivered packages stolen from the mailroom and/or in front of their apartments. The only reason to live here is location, but honestly, for what they're charging you can get a much nicer and newer building in the same area.
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Urbanlux Sunset Premium

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