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Wilshire Royale Apartments

2619 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90057



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Office Staff
Malibu101481 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
Moving into Wilshire Royale seemed like a good deal, we're paying 1195 a mo. for a 900 sq ft. 1 Bedroom.<br><br>However.....<br>Adding parking is a must...for 100 bucks per space per month, not including the countless # of door-dings and scratches your car will recieve in the uncovered lot. If your convinced it's a rip off go for the street parking but don't say i didn't warn you. With street parking around the "fabulous Wilshire Royale" you can pretty much count on having your car Broken into, stolen or just be lucky to find a spot within a 20 minute walk....if you dare to walk, that is.<br><br>The Lobby gives you a nice, renovated feel, if i dare say.<br>The Leasing agent will then begin to tell you about how the complex is going to have a new gym, a cafe on the property and a meeting area...HA!!!<br>Since I've moved in on Aug. 15th there has been no modification to any of these establishments, though consant annoying constuction seems to be going on in the "Cafe" my thoughts are that, the management rents it out as a workshop for small tasks.<br><br>The Pool is a joke, along with the hottub you can expect a overwhelming feeling of discust while you try to relax in what's prob. a small fountian of urine and chlorine. <br><br>The Apartment's themselves come with no dishwasher, no garbage disposal, no microvave, and overpainted kitchen cabnets that require alot of shaking to get open.<br><br>Along with these outstanding amenities at this fantastic establishment you can also look foward to having a bathroom that uses shutters instead of a door, the Outstanding Symphoney of which only the Traffic of Wilshire Blvd can produce, the Homeless Living on the roof of the building, The Elevators constantly broken down, The Fantastic Lively Diverse Local Business Area and Lets not forget the ever changing temp of shower water (it's BEYOND what flushing the toliet while someones in the shower does)!!!<br><br>Okay Bottom Line.....<br><br><br>DO NOT MOVE HERE, PLEASE LISTEN TO ME, THIS WAS THE WORST AND I MEAN THE WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!!! <br>Thank god i only signed a 6 Month Lease. <br><br>I Hope this helps any of you that are considering this property and please excuse my puncuation and spelling.
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Wilshire Royale Apartments

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