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Mirabella Apartment Homes



Resident · 2015 - 2017
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I lived at Mirabella for 2.5 years. Throughout these 2.5 years, I had several complaints with management. I am very happy to have finally moved out. I have lived in several apt complexes and this was the worst one. Management used to be slow, but at least they tried to solve my complaints. The new Community Manager who used to work at the building until 2015 and returned recently as Community Manager is terrible. She always try to justify why your complaint cannot be solved instead of putting effort to solve it. Her approach (and probably Essex approach given that I have raised many of my complaints to upper management at Essex several times without success) is to minimize spending and run the building as cheaply as possible. They don't realize that they actually loose much more money with this approach because people who live in the building will be unsatisfied and will never recommend the building (nor Essex) to anybody. To be more specific, a few of my complaints are listed below. I am sharing this information so others do not have to go through the exhaustive process of moving in to just want to move out in a couple months. Hope this helps you make a decision when considering to rent an apartment at this property. 1. The corridors are usually dirty with water, leaves, dust, and even dog pee and poop, which are sometimes also found in stairs and even inside elevators. 2. I lived in the first floor. Several times I had wastewater coming up on my kitchen sink - Very disgusting! I had to keep removing that dirty water from my sink until someone from maintenance would fix the problem otherwise the wastewater would leak to the kitchen floor and make the entire apt a mess. This happened once when I was traveling aborad. I am glad I had someone visit the apt to take care of my cat who noticed that, called me immediately, and I had to keep calling management for days from abroad to have it fixed. 3. Air conditioner and heater system broke several times. Heater broke in my first winter when I had just brought my newborn home. It took them more than 15 days to fix. I had to buy a heater to place in my newborn's room so he would not get sick. Re: the air conditioner, water kept leaking from the equipment and making a mess in the entrance corridor. It usually took them about a week to fix the problem. Meanwhile, I had to keep emptying buckets of water a few times a day. 4. The side gate used to make a lot of noise because it was missing a simple connector. It took them 6 months to fix this simple issue after a lot of emails and phone calls requesting management to address this. 5. The gate to exit to the Marina was finally fixed after ~1.5 years of me complaining frequently via email and phone calls. I raised this issue to Essex a couple times. It took 1.5 years for them to fix the gate so we could exit to the Marina through the back of the building! 6. Shutter in trash room is many times clogged with trash accumulated and smelling all over the trash rooms (and corridors sometimes). 7. Lights along building complex sometimes do not work and the entire corridor is dark at night. 8. We received two packages after we had just moved out. A Mirabella staff kindly placed the packages inside our apartment. However, when we went inside the apartment, the packages were not there anymore. The only people with access to the apt were Mirabella staff with keys of the apt. Manager said she is not responsible for their staff, and as a courtesy would give my phone to the staff so I can solve this directly with their staff. How is that a courtesy? I agree that Mirabella should not be responsible if a package is stolen outside the apt nor for robberies by unknown people. However, they should be responsible if their own staff steals a package that was placed by a Mirabella staff inside the apt. 9. I had a security deposit of $1250 USD. They used $1150 from the deposit to "renew" the apt. I left the apt in good conditions, no stains in the carpet, etc.
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Mirabella Apartment Homes

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