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The Westerly on Lincoln



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2012
Do not trust one word from the leasing office .from Suzanne M the manager, Mark M the district manager all the way to the leasing sales team. Once you sign the leasing, contract with them soon you ll notice they are nowhere to be found if the is any problem or any help you need. You think this is bad ask anyone who leave at marina point (The Westerly apt. on Lincoln) the maintenances is even worse; you put order on line and day later they tell email you saying the job is done where they have not even work on the request you asked for. Don t be surprise when you are not home and they walk in to your apartment without your authorization. Please please make note .. the constriction that they are under don t believe anything that comes out of their mouth cause none of it is true. They will try anything for you to sign the lease so you are lucked for year, this way they are making their money and don t care if you are satisfy or not. The construction that is going on ..soon you notice that instead few months of construction its more like few years project, you want to find out the truth call the state and find our not from them cause they do not say anything that is true .one last thing the corporate office in Colorado is nothing except a phone service that can delegate your message with on positive result.
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The Westerly on Lincoln

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