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The Westerly on Lincoln



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/30/2005
Take a look at this:<br>http://www.fortunecity.com/business/hearst/878/ind staff is all the same. What is it with them? Why do they seem so grumpy<br>most of the time. Is it that they are frustrated by so many duties or<br>complaints from tenants. Or are they just being all over worked. What ever<br>they all are going through. I really have issues with there poor social<br>skills. Marina Pointe is one giant place which by the way is breaking down<br>do to aging. The owners should take note. The building is old so the beak<br>down ratio is high. They only have I believe three maintenance personal to<br>take care of all of the units. From what I understand is over 500 units. I<br>ventured into the marina del rey area to find peace and close to the beach.<br>I love to take my boat out once a week. I really love the marina area. But I<br>am really having issues with the place that I am currently living in. Its<br>not all that what it seems. They need to hire more staff to take care of the<br>tenants. Its not balanced. There are far too many people who are angry at<br>the management but really they should be angry at the owners. The management<br>is only a puppet. They are told what to do and say. People please don't be<br>afraid to take them to court and explain what is happening to you. Take<br>charge of your life don't let them take you. You have a voice use them. If<br>its really that bad you need to do something about it and don't just<br>complain about it. All management companies will lie to you and that¹s a<br>fact. All you are to them is profit margin. Human traffic. Fill the units<br>fast and when you move out they will hit you with high deduction. That's how<br>it is.<br><br>STOP YOUR WHINING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Westerly on Lincoln

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