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Crossing at Montague Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/25/2013
deception, is thy name Few to know about. 1) be aware of discounts if you are planning to stay for more than a year. If they give you a month free for a year lease, be aware that after 10 months, you will be receiving a 60 days notice of 15% increase on the original rate (e.g if rent $2000, after the discount your effective rate is $1833, after 10 months the notice will be for $2300, 15%of 2000) 2) Kiss your full deposit goodbye no matter how clean and careful you are and hope they don't bill you for additional expense over the deposit. 3) If you have a problem with Smoking, this is not the place for you, verify the first day you move in by turning the central heating on and close all windows, if the place smell like an ashtray, that mean a smoker lived here. There is no way to remove tar and nicotine, from build in ventilation system. 4) Serious bed bug infestation, there is nothing can kill them except illegal chemical like DDT, don't believe any exterminator, or ads for remedy. If you get infested with bed bug you have to get rid of everything, otherwise you will be moving the bed bugs with you wherever you go. You will know you have bed bugs when you notice red spots all over your body where the bugs suck blood. You won't feel it, The bite and hide so quickly, it will be months before you see one. There is always the fear too that they may move deceases from the dozen of stray cats that live in this complex like rabies to you when they bite you... good luck...
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Crossing at Montague Apartments

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