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Crossing at Montague Apartments



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/20/2011
The management is very poor. Specially the manager, this is a no pet policy property unless you have a doctor note for medical reason, but yet the manager has a cat in her home, and she doesn't have any medical issue. Leasing agent wouldn't follow up with move-in tenants, once you're in, that's it, don't expect a call to see if everything is okay. FYI everybody, the property originally were built to be sold, not for rent, therefore the material that were used was not properly quality expected, that's why you can hear your neighbor from next door. As for maintenance team, not all of them are bad, some are very knowledgable to fix things. That i have to give them credit. BED BUGs, forget it, they have tons of units infested as i'm typing this review, the reason why because as you all may know, bed bug travel from one unit to the next one through the wall, and managment would not spend thousand of dollar to treat the whole building, instead they will treat that particular unit and hoping to blame on the next tenant that will have bed bug sign. Supposedby, all treatment should be done and paid by management, in case you don't know... that's the law. Also, in your lease there's no such thing about tenant will be responsible for pest treatment. Please read your lease before you sign. After all, any apartment has its good and bad things, i'm not saying this to reflect and negative or positive comment on this apartment. But these are the facts that you all need to know about before moving in here. Best luck to everyone.
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Crossing at Montague Apartments

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