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The Redwood Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1996 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2007
This place is horrendous. I'm too poor to move that's why i've been here over 10 years.<br><br>This place has went through over 10 managers and each one is terrible. the best one we ever had died of a heart attack. <br><br>The apartments have used carpet, they smell, they have a mold problem. the walls are very thin, very bad insulation. Mold grows constantly in the bathrooms and the windows. The windows are never clean, ever. There is a roach problem and minor silverfish problem. <br><br>Roaches are huge, at night, don't walk at night they come from under the concrete and hang out at your door. Black widows are a big problem in summer time, so watch out at night. Again, don't around at night. <br><br>Security is on patrol, yet they always hang out in their car. They always walk to AM PM across the street, break or not. They are scared to reprimand anyone in the apartments whenever there is a claim. They can be overweight or elderly, or both.<br><br>there is a lack of lighting in the apartment stalls and anywhere no in the front of the apartment complex near the office. It's a total front, the front looks nice the back looks terrible, very ------, and i've lived in the ------ just to compare the scenery. <br><br>There is a lot of car break-ins and thefts. Stolen cars will pop up every so often and then management will go on their towing spree and tow ur car if it hasnt moved in 3 days. They dont care and it costs lots of money to get it out. <br><br>There are a lot of people that get in ur business, lots of drug dealers, and drug deals all the time on the side gates on lincoln dr.<br><br>Bunch of kids who throw garbage everywhere and vandalize the apartments, mostly the courtesy fire extinguishers and mail boxes. people will steal ur package if ups or usps leaves it on the door step. <br><br>People don't know how to park, they double park and take ur spot, and the manager doesnt do anything about it. <br><br>the laundry room is only cleaned once a day, if that, and people leave their clothes in their for hours and hours on end and then they vandalize the laundry room.<br><br>there is a pool, it's hardly clean, it's over inhabited by kids and very dirty people. it's cleaned once a week and the water is very murky, filled with hair, and one time had feces in it. <br><br>I hate this place, but im too poor to move. <br><br>last but not least, the manager cannot speak english, she has a hearing problem, and i think she has A.D.D and needs ritalin.<br><br>Maintenance is lazy, they steal their own supplies and expect u to replace simple light fixtures, shower heads, doorknobs, and outlets. they dont care, they just steal and they also park in ur spot and park in red zones and in the drive way when u enter the apartments so u almost hit their car.<br><br>everyone drives too fast, its 10 mph limit, they go 25 atleast. the security gates are not secure, they are always open, or they are always broken. ambulance and firetrucks sometimes cannot get otu because they are stuck DONT LIVE HERE DONT LIVE HERE PLEASE DONT LIVE HERE
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The Redwood Apartments

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