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The Paseos



Prospective Resident · 2016
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A few weeks ago, I wrote a 5 star first impressions review of what I took to be a beautiful property with staff that took excellent care of me on the first interaction. The ensuing few weeks proved otherwise. I was so impressed with the Paseos the first day that I laid down the deposit of $250 to be put on the "Wait List" which is supposed to be where they let you know any time something becomes available that is similar to what you're looking for. In the 3 weeks I've been on it I didn't receive a call in that respect. I did however find an apartment I liked by walking in when I couldn't reach anyone by calling the property, and began the leasing process. On the first day they told me it'd be $1595/month. When I came back in to sign the leasing paperwork the price had shot up to $1661/month. Having already set my heart on it I agreed and signed. I was told the offer to rent would be in my email that night. Next day. No email. I called, they said sorry the offer came back at $1675. (Really.. $14 guys).. I agree and ask them to send it over. I take my mom over to let her have a look at my apartment, and as we walked to the apartment there was another tour walking in the same direction. They stop at the door of the apartment, which I have reserved, and they tour my apartment with us. Awkward. The next day I wait for the offer to lease, and by 2pm i just call and ask for it. I'm met with the same thing. "Oh sorry, the price went up again.. those girls who toured your apartment are interested in it too and said they'd pay more" .. the new price is $1695/month.. WHAT?! How is that even legal?! I pulled my deposit (PS - it takes 2-3 weeks to get you're $250 back), went right across the street to College Park Apartment, who took great care of me, cut $100 off my price for being a veteran, and wouldn't ya know, the price on their website is exactly what I paid. Important to note, Management tried to step in late in the game, but if this is how business normally runs, no thanks.
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The Paseos Manager


Hi Hayden, I apologize we were not able to meet your expectations, we are here to help. I appreciate you speaking with me I only regret I didn't have an opportunity to resolve this matter. Good Luck with all of your endeavors! Mary

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The Paseos

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