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Palos Verdes Village Townhouse



Resident · 2006 - 2012
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Office Staff
I have lived at this place and it is the worst place i have lived. When Maria Became the Manger it everything went down hill she dosent even speak english right and talks about the tents to other tents she is the most unprofessional person. When tents need work done in there place she doesnt make a oder for it to be done unless she likes you. Her son lives next to her and she allows him to get away with fixing his car she even moved his friend in to another apartment and she allows them to have big partys they where even having sex outside and tents heard them but she never told them anything. The place has Big Rroches in them and outside as well there so big that they fly around. A few cars had damange done do to poeple that live at this place when it was addressed to maria she said "So" and never did anything about it there are always people breaking into the garages and she still doesnt have camreas on them just where she lives. Maira has told tents she dont like kids and dont want them outside. This is sappose to be a family living place and she has changed it. If you do move there becareful on what you tell her cause she will let everyone know. yours truly unhappy tenet
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Palos Verdes Village Townhouse

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