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Avalon Mountain View



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2005
I have lived in Avalon Mountain View for over a year now and I have enjoyed it very much. Since David Portus and now Robert Roth have taken over, this community has become one of the nicest places in Mountain View to live. They had several Resident BBQ's last summer and are always having "Breakfast On The Go" as they call it...handing out nice little bags of croissants and coffee as you exit the driveway on your way too work. The maintenance staff are always willing to help and have been prompt when I have needed something fixed in my apartment. The staff in the Leasing Office are very helpful and have listened to my concerns and have acted on situations in a timely manner. Another thing I like about this community is their Avalon Care Service i think its called. Whenever I leave, they always feed and walk my dog for as long as I need them to do so. They have taken care of my neighbours dogs as well and watered and took care of her plants too. I lived in an Archstone Community in San Jose that wouldnt even answer the phone let alone problem solve if there was ever an issue..(like when a young woman was raped in the hot tub at Archstone Monterey Grove) They tried their hardest to keep everyone from finding out and we only found out when the police went door to door with a flyer of a possible suspect that was seen on the property. When I lived there my car was constantly vandalized and had many problems with the kids that lived in the white trash trailer park next door to the community. They used Archstone as sort of their "feeding ground" and my neighbors were constantly having problems with car vandals and graffitti. We reported rocks being thrown at our cars for several days a couple of years ago...the kids were tossing them over the fence and hitting whatever was in the way. My neighbour who is handicapped had her window broken in her Jeep Explorer which was parked in the handicapped zone there. Archstone was the all time worst place I have ever lived. My girlfriend and I left after the young woman was assaulted in the hot tub. I didnt want her having to live in that type of environment any longer.<br><br>Avalon Mountain View is a great place to live and I plan on staying here for as long as I can.<br><br>M.T.<br><br>
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Avalon Mountain View

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