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Avalon Towers on the Peninsula



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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Office Staff
I lived at Avalon Towers for a little over a year and the only reason that I left was because I had to move out of the area for a job. Despite what the people below say this is a great place and the staff does a great job. Yes, there has been turnover, but what business have you worked for/with that people don't change, haven't you changed jobs before? For the person who wrote that the 24 year old manager was not old enough and performed PDA's I can pretty much guarantee you that they were lying because the staff here has been nothing but professional, sounds like maybe they didn't get an answer that they wanted when they asked for something. Yes, she was young (she has since left the building) but the place was well organized and well run. She replaced the concierge staff with people who actually stayed at the desk and did their jobs instead of the people before who gossiped about the residents too other residents. The maintenance team does a really great job keeping up the place and they are very friendly and always willing to help. Most of the time if I called in a request it was taken care of that day. Too the people who complain about the price and having to prove they have money before they move in. You should already know before you come that the prices are expensive, but you made the choice to live here and pay the price so live with it. And if you are paying this much, don't you think it is reasonable that they ensure you can pay for it? If anything I can say that I have met ruder residents that I have staff. Most people are friendly and really nice but here is a sampling of the others. I had some crazy guy ask me to sign a petition to get the manager mentioned above and the maintenance manager fired, and now that I think about it, it was probably that guy who wrote the comment. He was rattling off something about bad service and not liking his air conditioning in his apartment. From what he told me he lived on the top floor and was mad that an apartment with all windows on the 11th floor got hot when the sun shined into his apartment, what else would you expect? I told him to close his blinds and to leave me out of it. I had another lady complain to me in the elevator that they (the office) were going to kick them out because they didn't pay their rent. Again, to me that just makes sense, if I don't make my car payment I expect that my car will be repossessed. Call me crazy but I think these are the people that are writing negative things without telling the full story. They do their jobs, they do it well. They might not be perfect but I sure wouldn't want the job. Cut them some slack and take what those other people say with a grain of salt. That is my two sense.
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Avalon Towers on the Peninsula

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