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Central Park At Whisman Station



Resident · 2011
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EDIT: The little list boxes for duration of residence are malfunctioning. I lived here from September 2008 - August 2011. I have been a resident of [email protected] for almost 3 years now. I had an issue a couple of years ago with an unattended teenager living upstairs, and management couldn't do too much about it. Walls are thin and if you have a noisy neighbor, you will hear them. Try to get an upstairs unit if you can. The giving-end is preferable to the receiving-end in these minimally insulated apartments! I moved to a different unit & things were great for 2 years. In 2010, I signed a new 12 month lease and they even lowered my rent when I negotiated. The grounds are nice, parking is not usually an issue and the units are pretty well maintained. Overall, my interactions with the management have been very positive. However, I am leaving, as much as I want to stay. In 2010 I got engaged, and my fiancee and I are looking for 1BR apartments. I am currently in a 3BR with roommates. When I inquired about 1BR units about 6 weeks ago, I was expecting something in the $1500-1600 range, which a coworker got on her lease last year. I was shocked when they replied that rates were $1860, non-negotiable. That was 6 weeks ago. One week ago, rates on a 1BR were $2200. This week, they are $2300. In [email protected]'s defense, ALL large complexes in MV are doing this. It does not make gouging acceptable in my book, but I guess when all your friends jump off of a cliff, it is tempting to follow them. I would think twice before leasing a 1BR at that rate. Time is money, and considering the change in the last 12 months, it is probably wiser to rent in Santa Clara/San Jose & commute if you work in MV. The complex is reasonably safe, but probably not too much more than anywhere else here. If you leave a bike locked outside, it will get stolen or vandalized, guaranteed. It happened to me & many of my neighbors. There have been some car break-ins over the last year & management put notices on our doors warning us. The pool & spa are really nice, except on summer afternoons when it is loaded with toddlers. This is a family-complex though. For reference, the lease I signed in July of 2010 on this upstairs, corner unit 3BR was $2312. This same unit as of now is being listed for $3300-$3400. Sadly, for all the great things about [email protected], I cannot recommend it at this time, solely due to the price. It is nice, but it isn't nice enough to justify the rates they are asking. The noise & theft problems are identical to those friends have had renting over by California & Escuela Ave, except they pay about $1200 less for a slightly-dumpy 1BR there. It is a shame, and I'll miss living here.
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Central Park At Whisman Station

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