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Central Park At Whisman Station

100 North Whisman Road

Mountain View, CA 94043

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Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I moved in when I was 7 month pregnant expecting some peace and calm. But it was everything else but that. The management decided to start a project to install in-room washing machine and dryer and you have workers coming in early everyday making noise from as early as 7. The tenant hungry staff could have at least warned me but they probably didn't think a 7-month pregnant lady would mind that as long as they are getting 2,272 usd/month for a 2 bedroom unit which is obviously not cheap. That was just the beginning of all the fun, 2 weeks into my tenancy, a big rat emerged (probably because of all the piping and working in the compound) in my room managing to wreck complete havoc overnight in my apartment including chewing into my shoes, toilet paper and most of my food supply. Hygiene in the room by then became a serious concern. The manager -------. trying to play it down as a small mouse, luckily the technical man ----- saw that it was actually a full size rat. They finally agree to have me moved next door and emphasizing that the move is an upgrade with washing machine and dryer in the room. But frankly, I was less than 6 weeks from due date and I can't give less of a damn about the washer and dryer. The move came with a troublesome catch, though. They later sent me a cheque for my deposit in the first apartment which I am required to go to the bank, cash out and convert it to another cheque (I don't have a personal cheque book) at a different bank Coz their bank won't do it for me, and finally hand back to them (management). My baby already arrived by then (she was 2 weeks early thanks to all the stress), so I didn't really have time to do this. I ask the management whether they can jut take the cheque back, they said no. By this time I am already very angry and I am not talking so nicely with them, -------. the manager who graduated from "how to apologize but do nothing else school" already got pretty wary of me and refuse to take my calls. She simply drop me a note saying she would impose a fine of usd 50 if I don't give them a proper cheque back the following day. I did ask whether this can be postponed so that I can go when i find time but to no avail, so I had to leave my baby with my hubby who agreed to stay home and go do all the errands for -------. So much for compassion to others at Central Park's management team.... All I can say is I and my hubby made the wrong choice renting here, but I just don't have the stamina to make the 3rd apartment move in 2 months time anymore.
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Central Park At Whisman Station

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