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Eaves Creekside



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Office Staff
ikin • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
Avalon at Creekside is hands down the worst apartment living experience of my life. <br><br>1. Apartment walls are extremely thin! I m not exaggerating when I tell you that I can literally here my upstairs neighbor use the bathroom. If you decide to live on the first floor expect to hear your neighbors walking around, talking on the phone, cooking dinner, getting into bed and as I mentioned before going to the bathroom. <br><br>2. Expect your apartment to be a sauna in the summer and an ice box in the winter. It got so hot to the point where my husband and I had to go out and purchase a $500 portable air conditioner. The heater is crummy and releases a horrible burning order that stinks up your entire apartment when you first turn it on. Plus the heater is not conveniently located so it only heats up the living room and kitchen not the bedroom.<br><br>3. MOLD. We ve had problems with mold in the bathroom because there s not a proper ventilating system. Plus we ve recently noticed mold on the windows.<br><br>4. Stove and refrigerator are small. Now I know that most apartment kitchens are tiny but our fridge hardly holds enough food for two people. Plus our junior sized stove can t even fit a normal sized cookie sheet. <br><br>5. Unfriendly and dishonest management. When they first showed us the apartment complex my first question was related to the noise. The ENSURED me that it was a well insulated apartment and that I wouldn t hear any noise. Boy was that a lie. When we first moved in they were 30 minutes late letting us into our apartment and are always very rude when I pick up packages.<br><br>6. Feral Cats galore! There are dozens of feral cats running around this place. On many occasions I have been woken up in the middle of the night to the shrilling sound of cats fighting. In addition there are some areas of the complex that reek of cat pee when I walk by. <br><br>7. Water bill is insane. <br><br>8. After reading all the reviews about all the hidden move out fees we re totally preparing ourselves for the worst. If I had read these reviews prior to moving in to Avalon at Creekside we would have definitely passed on this apartment complex. ALL bad reviews are LEGIT even the ones dating back to 2001. I ll be sure to post more if we have a hard time moving out.<br><br><br>PROS: Yes there are some pros to this place <br><br>1. Great location to Castro Street and cal train. Plus it s only a hop skip and a jump away from most Silicon Valley employers. <br><br>2. Maintenance crew (NOT the office staff) is on the ball and friendly. <br><br>3. Great hiking/biking trail nearby.<br><br>4. The pools and fitness center are not that bad. I won t go as far as calling them luxury but they serve their purpose. However, they weren t really a selling point for us.<br><br>5. Thankfully, our neighbors are very considerate. Even though you can hear them they aren t intentionally obnoxious or loud.<br>
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Eaves Creekside

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