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El Portal Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1996 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/26/2002
I lived at El Portal for six years, really because overall rent price, Unit size, and general apperances and maintenance appeared reasonable. The reality is that the units are poorly managed for the most part and the management cares very little for their tenants beyond collecting the rent. <br> <br>Do not expect courtesy from the management, prompt responses, cleanliness or other such amenities. Our unit has had problems with rodents and the two different parking units I had been assigned each had problems of their own (In one case unexpected opening of doors nearly resulting in bumps and personal injury and in another the sewage pipe would burst covering my car and the surrounding in raw sewage). On the plus side we were able to use one of the uncovered parking spots until the sewage had eventually evaporated (I gues one year of uncovered parking is not too bad to deal with given the alternative of wading around in crap). <br> <br>Expect the management annual rent increase notices which are punctual if not large and try the ignore the crap about their expenses for maintenance going up. I noticed there was no rent decrease notice when rental rates all around were going down. <br> <br>Look around you can do much better.
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El Portal Apartments

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