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Fayette Arms Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2005
I am very puzzled by some of the other reviews. These apartments are not a palace, but seem quite reasonable for the price, relative to the other apartments in the area.<br><br>I lived there for 3 years, all of the time I spent in CA. During this time I have dealt with only one manager, though there have been other people maintaining the premises. Yeah, he did not grow up in the Midwest (or even in the US), but I had no trouble communicating with him in person, even though I did not grow up in this country either. We had slight difficulties on the phone, but not a big deal really.<br><br>His office is right in the one of buildings and he lives in the complex as well. He is not in the office very often, but his cellphone is posted outside of the office, as well on his business card. You can also reach him through the intercom system. He was always easy to reach, even late in the evening, and was very prompt dealing with the two minor repair requests I had.<br><br>Everyone gets a reserved covered parking spot. There are lots more open-air parking spots. Sometimes they fill up, partly because people from the apartment complex next door park there.<br><br>The one-bedroom apartments are pretty good-size, 500-600 sq ft I'd guess, with huge balconies. The balconies however block the sunlight, so it is not a ton of light in there. Occasionally, it will get hot there during the summer, especially in the south-facing apartments. However, in my experience, if you have a 20'' window fan, you can alway cool down the place at night.<br><br>The location is great in my ways. One block away is the San Antonio Shopping Center, with lots of reasonably priced stores, in contrast to the Stanford SC. It is 5 minutes to the #22 bus line and 12-15 minutes to the San Antonio CalTrain station. Nevertheless, unless you go out on the balcony and try hard, you can't hear either the trains nor the traffic. In some of the nearby apartment complex, you are likely to hear one or the other. It is also an easy bike ride (20 mins or so) to Stanford.<br><br>Overall, the complex is fairly quite, unless you have a neighbor who occasionally gets into bad moods and pounds on the walls and another neighbor who occasionally decides to talk loudly on his phone on the balcony. Very occasionally, I could hear kids running down the hallway, but really not a big deal.<br><br>The laundry machines are getting a bit old, but most work fine. One dryer barely worked 3 years ago and never got fixed, but it is possible that no one ever told the manager. The laundry rooms do occasionally get dirty, thanks to the residents. The management does seem to clean them, the hallways, and the grounds, once a week or so. The weight room and the swimiming pool are rather basic.<br><br>Out of my security deposit, he took $100 for carpet cleaning and $90 for general cleanning. He told me about the former when I was moving in, so this was fine. The latter was apparently also a normal thing. I would not have minded it if he had told me about this in advance and would not have spent the time cleaning before moving. He also kept a small amount for gas, even though I had told him previously that the heater would periodically turn itself on on its own initiative.<br><br>If you want a lease of longer than 6 months, just ask him. I had a 12-month lease, and he never increased the rent afterwars. I was able to move out and stop paying the rent when it was convenient for me (after a 30-day notice).
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Fayette Arms Apartments

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