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Latham Street Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
For one person, don't have too much stuff, this place is perfect. The room is very tiny, but you can have separated room at least. I was very excited about moving in, convenient location, and very nice rent (electricity is included).<br>Everything seemed go well.<br><br>Problem happened on the DAY 1. <br>I moved in the 2nd floor room. I was very tired by whole day moving work, and wanted to sleep so badly. I've noticed upstair neighbors are playing mariachi music very loud. I was sleeping on and off, and music went until 2am. It was my day one, and tired, so I just crossed my fingers for the noise would not happen too often.<br><br>Mariach music goes every weekend with the subwoofer. Sounded like a weekend party (can hear laughing and talking) Noise hit my room, so I was hardly enjoy lazy weekend sleep. And it did not stop all day long...<br><br>Good news is Manager told upstair right away when I fed up about the party noise and complained to Manager.<br><br>I should not wait too long to complain about that. It reduced significantly. They put music very loud sometimes, but at least in a day time or finish before 10pm. I had to compromise that. <br><br>Once the noise pulled my nerves, I could never forgive this. I really fed up, and decided to leave this apartment.<br><br>It is just a different lifestyle. I don't like mariachi music, and I could not blend into their lifestyle.<br><br>If you like mariachi music, understand their lifestyle, and light household, this apartment will be a one you want to at least take a look.<br><br>Manager Craig and Sarah, are friendly and wonderful people. I was very pleased how they work, and worked for my needs.
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Latham Street Apartments

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