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Maplewood Apartment Community



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/07/2006
The management did a great hard sell on the advantages of the place. Once I moved in, I realized how noisy, dirty, and unliveable the place is. There are roaches, which repeated spraying didn't get rid of. The appliances they provide are the cheapest possible, really gimcrack and non-functional. There's always music blasting day and night. The wiring, plumbing, and other fixtures are nightmarish. The management provides an A/C with three prongs, but all the outlets are just two pronged. So good luck plugging in that A/C! Or your computer, or anything needing grounding. The apartment is not wired for cable; I could not get Comcast service (because, according to Comcast, the previous tenants had a dish.) We found many things wrong when we moved in--torn window screens, missing blind slats, doors that would not close, etc. The management is unresponsive to complaints. Maintenance is very shoddy. The keys they provided us for the apartment, mailbox, garage etc. do not work properly--one day I came home from work to find that my key had stopped working! The maintenance guy says his machine is cheap and needs recalibrating, so the keys he cuts are never good fits for the door locks. The pilot light on the furnace goes out every few hours. Oh, and to add a nice touch of whimsy to the proceedings, our doormat was stolen. Do not move here! It's an overpriced slum and you will regret it.
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Maplewood Apartment Community

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