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Park Vista Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/01/2002
Pros and Cons about this place: <br>Pros: <br>1) Conveniently located in the middle of Silicon Valley <br>2) Conveniently located near banks, grocery, highways... <br>3) Diversity among neighbors <br>4) Tennis courts are a stone throw away. <br>5)Police patrol the area quite often. <br>6)Onsite maintenance - if you´re lucky to catch the guy. <br> <br>Cons: <br>1)Though the landlady may, at times be on friendly terms with you and the maintenance is by all means normal - you do get the feeling that it´s not a first class place to live in, especially on days when you´re in need of serious help. <br>2) Definitely not for the claustrophobic as it´s hallways are extremely narrow and the apartments are small. <br>3) The walls are wafer thin and you can practically hear your neighbor(s) cough. Park Vista is a decent place to live, if you are a professional and don´t go home often - if you do plan to live here, be prepared to spend your weekends out as often as possible. You won´t get considerate neighbors here. <br>4) Driving through the parking lot can be a nightmare as unsupervised children may jump out in front of your car at any moment. Kids are always running around during evening hours, best to watch out. <br>5)Laundry is a big problem - think of a washer with con-man attitude. <br>6) Swimming pool can look disgusting at times.
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Park Vista Apartments

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