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Vineyard Terrace



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
-been here for a little over 3 years... still living here -these funky looking 4-plex "cottages" are built on top of wood. so you can feel all your neighbors walking around. walls are thin, you can hear neighbors talk/sneeze. -tons of spiders and other pests.. pest control says he comes out and sprays every other week... not even sure what chemicals he is using, but it doesn't seem to work that well. -mold issues in the bathrooms. i clean the bathroom once a week; doesn't seem to rid the nasty mold. maybe its in their pipes? or maybe it's napa water in general. -Very bad insulation. when it was 93 in napa, the apt AC dropped the temp to 73 (took a few hours), i turned it off, it rose to 86 within an hour.. with all the windows shut, no electronics running. -OLD management was pretty caring to tenants.. received $350 rent bonus for extending lease, NEW management seems to only care about raising rent. they've raised the rent 2 times since they came in.. -maintenance doesn't clean after themselves... they leave mess, stains, marks.. -they built a fenced dog area full of weeds that are 3ft high. i guess that's where the raised rent went -some of the pathways to apts flood during rainy season. -Community is usually pretty nice and quiet. though, lately a lot kids running around the car park since it's the summer. keep your doors locked These issues were all bearable when rent was around $1100 (old management). they've increased rent about 14% with no improvement to living conditions. management is probably oblivious of the economy. once my lease runs out, i'm headed to Montrachet. if i'm going to be paying that much, i'd like to live in a better quality apartment. conclusion: not bad, but not worth it.
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Vineyard Terrace Manager


Dear Resident, We are very sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience at Vineyard Terrace. We want your stay here to be a positive one. Our number one goal is providing a satisfying living experience to all our residents and for you to be comfortable inside and outside of your home. Our cottage style units afford more of a home feeling, not sharing floors or ceilings with other units and are nicely spaced out from each other while still being part of an apartment community. We do have routine pest control prevention and are happy to address any issues that you are having. Maintenance requests can be submitted on line 24 hours per day on our resident portal. Management staff is continuously improving the property so that our residents can have a beautiful community to call home. Our office staff is here to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have. We hope you will give us another opportunity to make it right! Kind regards, Vineyard Terrace Management

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Vineyard Terrace

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