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Vineyard Terrace



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
I like to think I'm a reasonable individual who is patient and understanding with any company and its employees as we are all human and make mistakes even in a professional capacity. Vineyard Terrace, its employees, and its home offices in Calabasas, however, will not treat you with the same respect while their mistakes and miscommunications pile up for an overall very frustrating experience because they will always point the finger at you, or elsewhere, over admitting their own mistakes. While the apartments themselves are charming and comfortable to live in, and located in a great neighborhood of Napa, that is about all that is has going for it to even get a 1-star rating as the employees and company otherwise soured the entire experience in my year living there. As I've just come to experience with leasing office staff in general, I truly feel like there is a class these people go to on how to be the most ineffectual and condescending people you will ever deal with in a "customer service" setting. The ladies at Vineyard Terrace are no different. I was constantly "greeted" with condescending attitudes while simultaneously, somehow, expressing 0 emotion (which truly is an art they've perfected, so bravo there.) Sarah Orr at least cracks the smallest of smiles on occasion and is the most competent one to deal with, but anyone else you're better off just turning around and immediately walking out the door empty handed because that's all I ever did when I brought any issues or questions to them. Despite other annoyances I experienced while there (upstairs neighbor's washer seemingly exploded and dripped water all over my apartment where they had to seal off entire sections of my apartment and bring in industrial dryers that skyrocketed my utility bill and all I got was a shrug and a "not our fault" from the leasing office, a notice on my door one day saying I was not allowed to utilize the grassy areas after simply putting a chair out to eat dinner one evening and enjoy some fresh air, maintenance taking weeks to fix some problems including when the lock to my front door jammed) there is one particular instance takes the cake that prompted me to right this review in the first place. Don't make the mistake I did in thinking when you sign all your departure paperwork (and they, of course, take your entire deposit for "cleaning" and "damages") that you are free of these people. I moved out in March of 2019 and today, July of 2020, I received correspondence from Vineyard Terrace that I suddenly, out of the blue, owe them MORE money. 15 months after I moved out with a CONFIRMED $0 balance on all my paperwork, they are now threatening to turn me over to collections for money they pulled out of thin air saying I owed with not one single call, e-mail, or letter prior in 15 FULL MONTHS. Speaking with their home offices, again, I received a shrug and a "not our fault" when pressed into why (A) it took them 15 months to contact me (still haven't received a clear answer from anyone) and (B) why the leasing office will communicate, or rather miscommunicate, you have a $0 balance only to then threaten you with collections over an amount you didn't know you had because they said you had a $0 when you signed your paperwork! The home offices response to that: a shrug and an expressionless "we'll tell the leasing office manager to be more clear." I'm truly in disbelief at how this complex and its parent company operates. 100% they are all about profits over people to the point they'll pull numbers out of thin air 15 months after the fact to make another dime without even so much as an apology. Bottom Line: I can't recommend enough taking your business elsewhere. There are plenty of nice complexes in Napa that don't treat their tenants this poorly.
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Vineyard Terrace

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