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Sycamore Bay Apartments

37171 Sycamore Street

Newark, CA 94560



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2007
ok so i finally left the place and have a few things to keep perspective tenants informed about: 1. bird poop really stinks -- i moved in during the fall/winter time and didn't really see the problem until spring mating season. boy, my balcony was literally coated in bird poop and the management didn't care. they told me that the balcony was considered private property and it was my responsibility. so when i told them i would put up netting and would trap the birds they said they considered that inhumane and birds were a part of nature. that's really crap. 2. i moved out early because my job relocated me (thank you job)! i gave my intention to move and apparently the management found another tenant to move in...then that tenant cancelled...then another tenant decided to move in...then they cancelled...then another tenant decided to move in, etc. well, bottom line is that I'm still responsible for rent until the end of the lease until a tenant accepts the lease...problem is nobody from the office told me whether i owed them money or not. and when i questioned it they informed me that they were shorthanded. well, it's not my fault and i had no clue unless they informed me -- but what kind of crap is that. i got no deposit back at all. bottom line is that the apartment lifestyle here is crappy and if it wasn't for the fact that i was dumb enough to lock myself into a lease i wouldn't have lived here. good luck to all those trapped!
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Sycamore Bay Apartments

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