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Hillcrest Park Apartments



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whatz99 • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
Anyone who is thinking about moving into this complex, think again because of several reasons. I lived at this place for two years and this is by far the worst place I ever lived at. Rent is too high and bad service! The first 2 months I moved in they had so many problems from termites to water heater breaking. They even paid me to move out two days to a motel just so they can fix these problems. It was a nightmare, but worst is yet to come when you move out thats when things turn ugly. Primary reason is(read the posting before this one)when you move out they will think of anything to take your deposit away and add some more. They will charge you on every little thing no matter if it is a small stain on the carpet, they will charge you to clean the whole house. No matter how much you cleaning you do to make clean they will still charge for cleaning fees. I have incurred over $1K in damages from what they say. I had the maintenance supervisor do a what they call a walk through before I moved out and he honestly said everything looks good and clean and I shouldn't incur much charges except for maybe repainting the kitchen cabinets and then I get the bill. Different story. I even took pictures of the place before I left. Now I am still disputing the charges. I can honestly say I left the place pretty much the same way I moved in only for a few small picture frame holes on the wall. Other than that no major damages or problems. Still they charge for painting, carpets, cleaning, etc. It was ridiculous line items. IF you are looking to move into this place DON'T, I warn you. If you are thinking of moving in be sure to document every little thing, I mean every little thing on the walk through sheet before you move your things in. Parking was another huge problem if you have two cars, they assign you one garage space that is a mile away from your place and expects you to park there. For that reason many residents will park closer to their house and take up the open spaces leaving the garage open. Overall, this place is not the place to be, find another place.
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Hillcrest Park Apartments

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