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Promontory Point Apartments



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Office Staff
ORACLEman • Resident 1998 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
My uncle was a valuable Computer software consultant for a cutting edge International company. He is one of the 'Nerdy' paratroopers that come down from the sky last minute when a company is in trouble. Well Promontory failed us and coaxed my uncle out of his apartment and remove him on the simple grounds that they didn't follow through properly on the plumbing. After dealing with two floods inspecting the place it made me cry to see that he had to live in the moldy place and still was expected to pay Beach rent and live like a ------. My uncle suffered Diabetes and the stress they caused taxed his sugar levels to the point of the management siesing the moment and calling the paramedics. Where did they take him? To a Psychiatric ward. What I later found out was that he displayed symtoms and they made a place for him and when I demanded his release I was told to return at two; thinking they were so damn complacent as well...I returned early out of distrust coming to find out they had released him at twelve. Where did they send him? The paid for a taxi cab to dump him to the Orange County Rescue Mission! ~"-----------------!",. I was raging and silent to hear what the good for nothing was telling me: "~Oh, my Baby uncle whom is dearly loved was believed a liar and a ------?!" She said: "~He was telling us he lived at Promontory Point, blah blah blah, and that he has a car, and that he worked for some software company". ~(HE DID LIVE IN PROMONTORY POINT!). Well, all of these people were running around like ants each one fearing what was done.<br>It started a snow ball effect from there, my uncle was put on a first class plane back to Europe and it didn't stop there...American Airlines LOST HIM for 24 hours by losing him in between on an airport railsystem in New York. Yeah, FAA was violated indeed on that one. This all started from Promontory's lack of Diligence and Excellence!
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