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Beck Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
The two major selling points of this complex are that it takes pets, including large dogs, and it's rent controlled. It's also pretty clean, fairly well-maintained and the manager is always available during business hours and is responsive to problems and complaints. She'll also talk your ear off given half a chance. <br><br>The apartments are all 1 bedroom and fairly small, but they are clean and well appointed aside from the old-fashioned wall heater and a/c unit mounted near the window. The residents of the building are fairly quiet on the whole... a lot of them being very elderly... it's the neighborhood that's loud, dirty and sometimes a little scary. Personally, I avoid walking outside at night.<br><br>Parking is a huge inconvenience as it's uncovered and only a few units have the option of tandem parking. Walls are rather thin and there's this weird thing with the garbage disposals where you can hear it rumbling in the walls when anyone runs theirs. The building owners show at least some effort in putting money into the place and recently ripped out the old carpet in the corridors and replaced it with ceramic tile. That gets an "A" for upkeep but fails miserably at absorbing sound. They're also putting in a pool and at the rate they're going, it should be done in another couple years.<br><br>Overall, it's not really bad in and of itself... it's the neighborhood that brings it down. The surrounding apartments are very low-income housing and in various states of disrepair. If you want to go shopping for anything other than Mexican fast food or convience store fare, it's a 10 minute drive over to Burbank, Touluca Lake or Studio City. The streets are in horrible disrepair and it just sort of looks run-down. Guess that's what keeps the rent affordable
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Beck Park Apartments

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