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Studio Village Apartments



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burnedshadow • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2007
This particular apartment complex is a whole bunch of tiny studios, mixed in with a bunch more excessively tiny studios. If you lived in the dorms when you went to college, then you already know what it is like to live here. <br> That bad parts: It's got three laundry rooms, which is good, but they are always full. And it doesn't have nearly enough parking. In fact, there is only enough for about 1/3 of the building to bring cars. And that is assuming that there is only one car per room dispite the number of possible roommates. Also, the walls are paper thin, so you can hear everything in the whole place. <br> The good parts: Location. Within a block and a half, there is a full grocery store, a drug store, an auto parts store, a radio shack, a hollywood video, and multiple sources of fast food - sandwiches to oriental. In about 2 and a half blocks is the subway system. Also, the 183 bus will take you the length of Magnolia Blvd, allowing you to transfer to any other bus you might need. Beyond the local, this place is also good because all the utilities are included. Granted, the prices are rediculous, but it is LA. The place includes electric, water, gas, trash, sewer . . . all the basics. So, if you don't want cable or phone, then all you ever have to pay is rent. Otherwise, you better call timewarner and prep to cringe at the continously rising prices of cable. <br> Management: We have a pretty good apartment manager. I personally haven't had any issues with her, other than her not ever seeming to be in the office. But when I need things taken care of, she makes sure that it is taken care of promptly. Maintenance is normally good too, but we are unfortunately going through a bit of a turn over right now, so that may change for the better or worse inside of the next two weeks. Btw, it is currently the end of Jan 2007. <br> Safety Levels: Considering that this is Los Angeles, you take what you can get. Just about every complex out here is gated, and so is ours. However, our gate does tend to go on the blink, not a lot, but at least once a month for a couple days. And while you can't get in without a key, there are some residents here that feel its perfectly fine to leave all the doors propped open, despite the obvious dismay of the rest of us. <br> Appearance: When it comes down to it, this place doesn't really qualify as pretty by any means. Its a two story, pink, stucco building that has been around forever. There isn't any landscaping unless you include the bushes right outside the office or a little 20 foot sidewalk behind the pool. The good thing though, is that despite it being old and a minor eye-soar, the earthquakes haven't killed it yet. It's pretty solid. I have to give it that. Sure, there are some brand new apartments that have been built across the street that are big and pretty, and if you can afford $1400 a month and up, then I say go for it. But if you can't, you might at least look at this place and see what you think. <br> Other than that, I don't really know what all to say. I guess I will repost in about six months and let yall know how things have changed. Hope this was helpful.
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Studio Village Apartments

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