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Grand Apartments on Lindley



Resident · 2006 - 2008
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Office Staff
I moved here in 2006. At first it seemed like a great place although I found the manager at the time (Sylvia) to be a liar right off the bat. As time went on, I realized that although not completely horrible, Canyon Creek wasn't the great place I originally thought it was. As other reviews state, there is a consistent revolving door where the management team is concerned. And they all seem to be cut from the same dishonest cloth. Also, they don't keep to their stated office hours. It gets even worse when they're in the middle of their frequent "transitions" between management teams. A year or so into my tenancy, I had to switch apartments because of a noise problem with the tenant below me. In the second apartment, I ended up with a noisy couple living next door who blessedly moved out six months later. General noise and noisy neighbors are a BIG problem here. Although you should complain as I did in order to document things, don't expect management to do more than the bare minimum -- sometimes even nothing at all. In fact, don't expect much from management -- that is, unless you owe them money. Then you can believe they'll be on your case. In fact, when I switched apartments, the manager apparently underestimated what I owed during the transfer. When the next management team discovered it a few months later, they immediately began sending me threatening letters. If there is a money issue where you seem to owe, management will immediately send you threatening letters rather than informing you that there is problem. It's they're way of railroading you into paying immediately even if there is a discrepancy. Basically, they're more concerned with making the place look pretty than they are tending to tenants' needs. They are also constantly raising the rents far above what I think the units are worth. People are constantly moving out so you might end up with several different neighbors during your tenancy. They're not always careful who they bring in. I lived there during the period when the college kids seemed to be taking over. After I moved out they sent me a bill with so many bogus charges it stated that I actually OWED THEM MONEY. Of course, it was another threatening letter. I decided not to take it lying down. I did my research and sent the corporate office a letter denying the charges and demanding they return my security deposit. After not responding to the first letter, I sent a second letter threatening to take them to small claims court. They finally responded and sent me back my deposit. One of the reviewers said to take pictures or video of the unit when you move out. In addition to that, know your rights! There are websites that describe and explain the tenant laws here in California. If you leave the apartment in the condition you found it, even with normal wear and tear, you are entitled to your full security deposit back. Overall, I would say it's not a great place to live. There are good points, but a lot of bad points too. My advice is to stay away.
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Grand Apartments on Lindley

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