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Grand Apartments on Lindley



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
This is a little longer than most but it is worth reading compared to the frustration and anger you will face if you don't. I know most of the reviews online are based on negative feedback because most people do not go online to write positive reviews. Their frustration and anger motivate them to write about their misfortunes. Having said that, I did read the reviews but I felt that maybe some people are more sensitive to others and checking out the place, it looked fine to me. Until....I slept there one night. I went to bed around 2:30am and was awoken to a loud noise right outside my bedroom on the 1st floor (chestnut floor plan). I tried to shut my window (had to leave it open to let the choking smell of paint dissipate) but still couldn't get back to sleep. I realized that it was the A/C condenser unit literally RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW, not even a foot away from the wall. I thought that my a/c or heat went on automatically because I was playing with it the night before but sure enough I did turn mine on and another loud condenser went on. Then it hit me...I simply cannot stay here. That day I thought I would be fine going to bed a little earlier since the neighbors upstairs probably use the heater in the morning and lo and behold they used their heater all night! So I moved my bed to my living room just so I can cope for the night and still couldn't sleep. I ended up going to a motel at 4am!! I brought this to the attention of the management and they notified the neighbor not to use it at night if possible while they transfer me to another unit. But the other unit is just on the 2nd floor. The A/C condenser units are still not too far from the bedroom. I don't know how people can sleep here. I must be a light sleeper but still, I dont think most people can sleep with this condenser turned on, let alone wait til summer comes and all 4 units are used at the same time. They also want me to pay $2000 to break my lease and I am going to file a claim and sue them in court for almost all my money back. I notified them that I am moving out on the 1st. This has been an absolute nightmare because I just moved my stuff in here and now I gotta move everything out and into another place. Tonight I wanted to do laundry and they are always full and some are broken, this place sucks because it is loud and not quiet at all. You can hear everyone. I didn't even begin to talk about the inside of the apartment. It is constructed like your very basic ------ looking apartments in canoga park or reseda so might as well rent there and save about $600 per month!! The 1 bedrooms are also only 650 sq ft. It is tiny. You also pay ALL of your utilities here, you don't even get free water. This is the worst place I've ever been in. DON'T RENT HERE!
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Grand Apartments on Lindley

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