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Lassen Village



Resident · 2000 - 2003
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Office Staff
I´ve lived in this apartment for 2 years and I would have to say that it has slightly improved. The apartments are pretty spacious but for the new asking price for the rent it doesn´t seem comprable. The new manager is better then the last and seemed to be much more helpful. The upsides: I had problems with the garbage disposal which was fixed usually within 24 hours after I placed the request and/or the call for repair. The downside: Parking is un-organized and people usually will just park in your place. They have security now that helps you feel as secure as a a bleeding corpse in a shark tank. You can usually smell marijuana walking through a lot of the hallways. Probably the worst problem I´ve experienced has been the trash system. The trash, whether it fills up by the middle of the week, is usually only going to be dumped on MONDAY. So if the trash gets backed up on Thursday guess what... you have to go the whole weekend with the same trash sitting there in the trash room until it is dumped. Embarassing when bringing over company.
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Lassen Village

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