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Lassen Village



Resident · 2004 - 2005
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Office Staff
If you are looking for a nice quiet clean place to relax in and have privacy - this is not the place for you. The walls here are so thin, I felt intimately acquainted with my neighbors even though I hardly spoke to them. You can here EVERY SINGLE THING through the walls. I could hear my next door neighbor smoking crack - exhaling and inhaling - the whole thing, which brings up another problem. The quality of people here is not the best. They are rude and inconsiderate. I had to put up with very loud parties, that literally shook my living room furniture. As mentioned before - the trash in the trash shoots is constantly overflowing. Which also causes a problem with cock roaches and rats. This is a big building, but they don't have nearly enough washers and dryers. You have to constantly be going back and forth to the washer and dryer to see if its open yet, and when its broken, you have to go upstairs/downstairs. And if you dare leave your clothes in there, even five minutes after they're done, some stranger will rudely have already removed them. The inside is drab and dirty looking. The carpet looks at least 15 years old. They also have a problem with mold, that the try to remedy by removing some of the walls in the hallways and letting it air out. Its rather depressing to have to look at exposed black mold every morning. The problems with mold also extends inside the apartments - I remember having to constantly scrub down my bathroom with bleach, definitely not good if you have respiratory problems. It seems people are constantly moving out in the building - and when they do, they just leave their old furniture in the parking lot or on the front curb. Which further adds to the trashiness. I was so glad when I moved out of here - I can't even express it.
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Lassen Village

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