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Firebabie211 • Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/10/2007
I currently live in NCR and I can't say one good thing about it, I have lived here for about 3 years and am moving out at the end of May. <br><br>The good thing about it used to be the low rent (and believe me that was the only good thing), now their is new management and the rent is about the same as any other expensive apartment around here. If you are looking at NCR, don't be fooled by the new paint they are working on... believe me. I stayed here this long only because of the rent (i'm a student), now that the rent is higher, I'm leaving - they have to be kidding themselves to think they could charge that much. <br><br>There is severe building damage, if you walk through the halls you can see significant cracks in the ceilings and where the wall meets the floor. There are also waterstains on the ceilings and cracks in the rooms as well. I have even witnessed 4 cave-ins since I have lived here (that I know of). If there is an earthquake (god forbid) I doubt the building would survive at all.<br><br> We've had a huge cockroach problem for the past two years. If you do decide to move in I feel sorry for you but my advice is to spray and put up roach hotels ASAP so that you don't have to live with them all over the place for over a week or two and be very careful with spiders too I have seen a lot of brown recluses here.<br><br>There has also been a really big mold problem in almost all bathrooms and I did get sick from it. All they tell you is to leave your window open to help prevent the mold. I'm not stupid it has nothing to do with the windows being open, the bathroom sand especially the showers were just built poorly and are old. This is what I reported them to the health department for. Instead of fixing the problem, they added an extra section in their lease to address the mold so that they can't get sued.<br><br>I hate the lady who is the hall coordinator for ----- Hall (can't say her name), she is RUDE, UPTIGHT, AND NO HELP AT ALL. I've never seen her in a good mood and she's quick to yell and be snap at anyone who questions NCRs questionable practices (no matter how polite and nice you are about it). <br><br>When my friend moved out of NCR she was due a large payback, they completely ripped her off - didn't give her a security deposit refund and actually had the nerve to CHARGE her extra for "more than normal wear and tear". I've seen her room since she first lived there and that is a lie, anything that was wrong with that room was already like that before she moved there. They're idiots, and don't expect anyone to be helpful, I'm not blaming the RAs, it was mostly the management.<br><br>Now that there is new management that might help a little except for the fact that they have all the same stupid employees working here during the weekdays. <br><br>There is also a very bad crime problem, I have heard of several attacks in and near the building and parking lot and I, myself, have been assaulted once. I want to especially warn any female considering moving in here. IT IS NOT SAFE, DO NOT RISK GETTING ROBBED, RAPED, OR WORSE!!!! I am scared for my life living here. There usually is only one security guard on duty, the parking lots are dark, the locks on the building are often broken and there are lots of fights and thefts. I had to call the police recently for another fight at 2AM!! <br><br>I really believe that this building should be torn down and replaced with a new, properly built, and secure building. Please don't waste your money or compromise your safety, be smart about it! <br><br>Besides now that the price is going up, I'm sure you can find a better place for a similiar price - I know I have.<br><br>new prices for rent are a lot higher than what I pay now and what I will list here.
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