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Zelzah Court



Resident · 2003 - 2004
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Office Staff
This apartment was excellent a year ago. I moved in and had NO problems. Since then, the manager changed at least 4 times. Every time a manager was replaced, the building went down just a bit. It first started with lack of laundry machines. They were broken... always. Next came the neighbors who smoke pot, and just don't seem to want to quit. Nobody has done anything about it. Beer bottles lay spilled in the hall. Every so often, you'll find a nice, new batch of puke laying somewhere in the halls or on the steps. How about a car alarm going off for 24 hours, only to have the management say they can do nothing about it? Surprisingly, when the police came, the manager knew exactly who the person was and managed to stop it. When I asked for an extra parking spot, they said they had none. If you're looking for an extra parking space, make sure to ask everyone. They all have different answers, and depending on who you ask, when you ask, and how good you look, you might just get lucky. Like I said, every time the manager changes, something else goes downhill. If you want to take your chances, so be it. Just be sure to get an apartment on the third floor. That's where the manager lives, and for some reason, that floor is always clean, always painted, always vacuumed, and always smells good.
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Zelzah Court

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