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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
well i heard bad reviews of these apartments and well we still had to move here. my husband and i just wanted to get our our old apartment that we were sharing with two other people. and to move out right away we had to go for these apartments. and guess what..your paying for what your getting. our apartment wasnt even ready the day we moved in, we had to go back home and move hours later. cracks on our bedroom closet doors it looked like it had been punched out, our bathroom shower is yellow and in order for them to fix it we have to leave the house for two days because it smells so bad, and its like well if you knew it was a yellow tub why dont you fix it before we moved in? the maintance guys are pretty good at coming in and fixing right away and very respectful. the water gets turned off randomly we got one notice,and it was only for that day and then two days later the water is turned off again. oh yah expect for you to get cold water while your showering. and its not just cold water, its like freezing cold temp. the parking sucks. expecially at night. their is this one motorcycle that hasnt been moved for im assuming months and i hate it bc it takes up parking space. the fact that im pregnant and coming home late at night is really unsafe for me to be walking two miles to my apartment isnt that comfortable for me. oh yah the loading parcking is for only 20 minutes but even the manager decides to park her expedition their the entire night. i wish we could pay for our own parking. but oh well. and all i could say is if you want to move out, make sure you save your money so you dont end up in a place like this. and yes it sucks finding out that the office is closed on sundays when your trying to put money on your card and your husband has to wash his cammies by hand. its just more convinient if they had that machine inside the laundry room where people dont have to depend on the office hours
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