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Cinnamon Ridge Senior Apts



Resident · 2008 - 2013
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Office Staff
I have lived here over 5 years. This place has gone down hill. Management is very poor, almost as if there is none, only to collect rent! This is like a ------ apartments now. It says Senior Luxury Apartments, this is false advertising. There is no luxury around here at all. It is supposed to be a gated apartment, the gate is open during the day and sometimes all night so that anybody can drive or walk in without being checked. There is a door on the street side that is broken and has been broken for a long time, just pull hard on the door and it opens up to anybody, no key is needed to get in. The maintenance people seem to be doing things that don't have anything affect on living conditions. Rain gutters haven't been cleaned in over 4 years, no green grass, inside the floors and staircases stay dirty. There are more young adults with children than there is seniors, that don't help to keep it clean. The window screens have been knocked out and not replaced. The trees need triming. Most of all, People have a lot of junk and plastic stuff hanging on the patios. There are a lot "junkies/dopers,alcoholics" that live here and yelling and screaming most times in the evening, I have called the Police a couple of times, Management doesn't do anything about it, just like the door has been reported without anything being done. People hang out around the steetside door shouting to people that drive by or seem to be dealing drugs, loitering nearby bus stop also. There are people that have more than one pet (dogs), I have seen one with 4 dogs, hardly any of them have a leash or cleanup poop. Children run around in the parking area between cars without supervision. Managent doesn't do anything about that either. There have been several owners, it seems to be owned by a SLUMLORD now!! I would not reccomend this place to anybody, especially a senior. The lights around the building are in need of repair, mostly in the parking area, the lights hardly ever work, they just flicker off and on, its usually dark most nights. NO SECURITY GUARD HERE!
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Cinnamon Ridge Senior Apts

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