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Arroyo Casa Apartments



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Office Staff
Emily_P830 • Resident 2017 - 2018 Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2018
I've been living here for a year so I think I can give an experienced opinion. Now, bear in mind, my former apartment complex was in a dangerous neighborhood, had thin walls, horrible plumbing and unreliable staff so I could be biased. But I love living here. It's very quiet and I think the grounds are maintained well. Especially in the central courtyard. If I have an issue (very rare) I can visit the manager on site or give her a call. As for people that commented about her having "favorites", I haven't noticed any of that. To be fair, a lot of those comments seem extremely personal. I would not want to know an apartment manager well enough to know what their spouse and parties are like. That's just weird. We pay our rent on time and go on our merry way and no one bothers us. Just how we like it. And honestly, I think she's nice. She really cares about the place and is always double checking to make sure nothing's amiss. We face the street so the noise can be a little loud but if we close the window, it reduces a lot. I like the creek actually. It's a great place to jog to the park. I haven't noticed any crime here or heard about any in the surrounding area so I can't speak to that. The amentities are fine. A pool/Jacuzzi and a laundry room where you pay for your wash (which is fine). They have propane grills as well for tenant use which is nice. The plumbing is fine too. We haven't had much of a problem on that front and if we did, they were fixed by work order pretty quickly. The one complaint I would have is the timeliness of the work order work. I almost wish the work order system was digital. That way, we can see the status of it and if more work needs to be done. I feel like on paper, it could be easily missed and take quite some time to get done if it is missed. Same for rent. I feel a little nervous dropping off paper checks as those can be missed too. I'd really encourage people to live here! I think you'll be very pleased at the experience.
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Arroyo Casa Apartments

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