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Georgian Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2007
I am a resident of the Georgian Apts and let me tell you...they SUCK!!! For starters, the management/manager, -----, is a total -----. The maintenance guy, ----, does not speak English and he is a liar! When I first checked out the apartment I was to rent, there were shelves in the kitchen pantry. When I moved in (2 days later), the shelves we missing. I reported it to the management who sent up the maintenance guy who said, in his very broken Enlish, that there never were shelves in the pantry. I argued with him telling him that my mother had looked at the apartment with me and she saw the shelves. Again, he argued with me. Finally, I came home the next day, and there were shelves back in the pantry! Another thing is the pools!! OMG last summer the pool at the Georgian and it's sister apartment complex (the Santiagos, which is next door) were closed for 3/4th of the summer. The water was green and both pools had to be emptied of their water and they sat like that for months! The management said that they are looking for a new pool guy. It took them long enough!! The final straw is when my car was towed!! There was not any parking left in the residential parking, so I parked my son's car in the visitor parking. Not more than 2 1/2 hours goes by, and my car was towed by "The Tow Zone" @ 1055 S. Melrose, Placentia. The owner of "The Tow Zone" said that when I registerd my son's car to get a parking sticker, I signed a release stating that I, as a resident, cannot park in visitors parking!! I don't remember that! What a rip-off! What a SCAM. I wonder if the manager is in-cahoots with the towing company. I'd be willing to place money on that!! The washing machines are very limited. And most of the machines do not work...including the dryers!! I live next to a 2 bedroom unit, and I swear there are at least 8-10 people who live there, indluding a bunch of kids. And the traffic they get all day long and into the night is unbearable. You can hear everytime someone knocks on their door and everytime the door opens and slams shut! Drug dealers? Probably! I think the next time anything goes awry, I am gonna call the cops. I'm sick of being a faithful tenant, who pays the rent on time and does not cause any trouble. No More Mr. Nice Guy!!! I highly recommend anyone who is considering to rent from here to turn around and high tail it out of there!!
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Georgian Apartments

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