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Porta Rossa Apartments



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Office Staff
PerpetualMan • Resident 2002 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2007
This woman must be on crack or something. I have been a tenant here for over five years and NOTHING this woman said is true. First, they do not rent apartments without blinds, I know this because MY move in was delayed a few days because the apartment was not ready to the managements standards. When I did move in, everthing was above average and the manager is ALWAYS on the property whether in the office from 9-6 daily or in his home, He is very friendly, outgoing and responsive to our needs. The pool was closed because some idiot dropped glass bottles in it and it had to be drained. The lease states it's a "seasonal pool" which means it is open from April-November when most tenants wish to use it. It's way too cold and windy during the other months and beacuse it is not heated, why use it then. My neighbors are NOT gang-bangers or wannabe gang bangers, it does not resemble a trailer park, the landscaping is pretty and well maintained, and the new manager has been effective in making sure that everyone, including children are courteous to one and another. It's a family community and they have alot of military and law enforcement officers living here so it's very safe. I walk with my kids and dog at night and have never ever had a problem. So, either this woman is on drugs or should be! She probably is in eviction for not paying her rent or something as her comments were ignorant and untrue!
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Porta Rossa Apartments

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