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Pacifica Park Apartments



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Xenakis • Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 11/07/2005
I tend to agree with the last commentor about this complex losing some of its shine over the last year. The residents used to be primarily singles and younger couples, but recently has shifted towards entire families in relatively small apartments, which is a shame since these were great apartments for singles and couples.<br><br>There are still some definite plusses to this place: The location is excellent and the weather is pleasant if you're not into the heat in the valley. There's a Starbucks and a grocery store in easy walking location. Access to freeways is simple, and there's a couple bus lines at Hickey. <br><br>Management was cool to me. They were also fair in returning much of my (relatively low) deposit. Rent, though a bit pricy, included cable TV, garbage, and water. I also liked the appearance of the building; it didn't look just like another cookie-cutter low-rise apartment block.<br><br>The apartments have radiant heating systems, which is very nice. I also never had any problems with hot water or water pressure. Although there are spiders, moths and mosquitos outside, I had no problems with any bugs in the apartment.<br><br>Neutral: It's in the fog belt, which I really enjoyed, but most people don't.<br><br>The downsides: A lot of families, some with older children, are moving in. The family that moved into the apartment next to me had two small children (one of whom screamed constantly). That seemed a bit much for an 800-sq ft 1-br. I did have one occasion where somebody walked off with a package the postman had left for me. (This happened in the two minutes between the time he left it and I got to the door--fortunately I caught up with the person. Other than that, I didn't see or hear about any crimes--no police cars late at night or break-ins or anything like that.)<br><br>There were a lot of stray cats on the property. There was also a lot of trash in the ivy. I think a couple of the residents just threw bags of trash out the windows rather than walking downstairs and putting it in the dumpsters.<br><br>Each of the 1-br apartments had a designated parking space, but street parking for second cars or visitors was often difficult to find.<br><br>The apartment is generally of good construction. I didn't hear that much noise from my neigbors, except for the front door to the apartemnt, which is too small and too thin or light-weight to block sound from the outside hallway.<br><br>Last but not least: the apartment is right under the path for SFO runway 28-L, used by the heavier jets, including cargo jets. I could set my watch by the Trans-oceanic rush that started at 1:45AM. You get used to the noise eventually, but it's a bit of an adjustment. (The airport or FAA has a budget available to provide houses and apartments with double-paned glass along the departure route. I'm not sure why this place hasn't taken advantage of that yet.)<br><br>A year ago I would have recommended this place without hesitation. I still would recommend it, but with a little hesistation. It's a decent place, but not great anymore.
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Pacifica Park Apartments

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