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Canterra Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2007
This may have been a nice place to live at one time... but now they are doing sewer construction right outside the building and it is non-stop noise. the rental agents lie about it even when specifically asked. forget about sitting at the pool unless you have earplugs. they say they don't start til 7am... but try 5am. And the latest is they will not do the contruction overnight so no sleep will be possible.... construction from 6pm to 6am. How did they get away with that one??? The apartments literally shake because of the work... its like an earthquake every day. The apartments look nice on the weekend and the grounds are well maintained... but don't be fooled.. this place is a nightmare. The rental agents will tell you the construction is only set to last for a few more weeks... but again... they are not telling you the truth. I talked to the water department myself and they say it will be months... and if you know anything about city construction you know that means at least a year.<br>RUN!!! There are plenty of nice apartment you can rent in the area for a lot less money. RUN AWAY!!!!!
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Canterra Apartments

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