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Terman Apartments



Resident · 1995 - 2008
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Office Staff
Well, things have NOT changed for the better regarding the management of this complex, as stated by others in prior reviews. The competency of the present managers is like watching a Barnum and Bailey's sideshow of clowns. Case in point: when an emergency came up last month. The outside water pipes were breaking and some were shooting up in the air~ managment let the water run down the street here for over three days before getting service out to start repairs and shut the water off. Tennants called the City of Palo Alto to report the excessive water use (which they stated because it was on private property, they had no control over~as long as the apt paid their bill, that's the apt's problem..!!!) Then ALL water was turned off for three days. What a nightmare THAT was. Then there was one lady had a broken lock on her front door and had to climb out of her patio after blocking her front door with a dresser (which she also had to use to block the door at night.) She did not feel safe for herself or her children. This continued, going on three months before HUD finally called high mangement at Culver City's G&K Managment's headquarters for action. At least the last mangers seemed to take better care of the apt's and tennants~ that was before they were fired for mismanagement of G&K's money. Fired, right on the spot. We all here are awaiting the day that some normalcy will soon return here at this complex. I understand that G&K are pennypinchers and also they work their staff hard. Everytime new managment shows up around here, it's like the tennants have to kiss up and also work their way into a "safe" relationship so they will not get picked on for something. We older tennants would just like to pay our rent and be left alone for quiet enjoyment of the premises, not receive notices on our doors month after month about some problem the managment is stressing over!!! No place for visitor parking, they have to park over at the school area. Present managers will drive up behind your car with their car and proceed to honk their horn and yell at you if they do not recognize your car or you. Absurd!!!!!
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Terman Apartments

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