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Terman Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Office Staff
Terman Apartments are largely "Section 8" units; low-income families and Russian immigrants. Having lived with my family at Terman for many years, I have to note the current number of noisy children in the complex--it seems like about a dozen...they gather together in the central lawn area every day and yell and scream; I swear they are the wildest, rowdiest kids I've ever seen. They have water fights in the laundry room--leaving a wet mess when I want to wash my clothes. The head maintenance guy doesn't care; several of the kids are his...I guess when it's *your* kid, they just can't do anything wrong. Beyond him, the management is based in SoCal and the office is often closed--or staffed by some clueless fill-in person. Additionally, the walls and ceilings are very thin...if your neighbors are noisy, expect them to affect your sleep. If you're a low-income family, you may settle for Terman...If you're a mature, well-mannered person who prefers peace and quiet, you'll hate it. I so look forward to LEAVING when I can find a job and get back on my feet.
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Terman Apartments

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