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Monterra Del Rey



Resident · 2003 - 2004
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
This review is for the Monterra Del Rey at 350 S. Madison Avenue: <br> <br>Stay away from this complex. The management is terrible, the units and courtyard are very noisy, and the maintenance is poor. <br> <br>From day one, I should have known how bad this place would be. The lease you sign is the longest lease you´ve ever seen. THEY FORCE YOU to get Renter´s insurance as part of your lease agreement! They nickel and dime you for normal wear and tear when you leave (e.g. cleaning carpets, painting walls, etc.). And they charge you an arm and a leg for minor things (e.g. if you don´t turn in your $5 garage door opener, they charge your $75)! <br> <br>Then there´s the management. Lulu, the apartment manager, is rarely around during posted office hours, and even when she is, she´s incredibly difficult to deal with. If you try calling after hours, good luck trying to get any emergencies taken care of. <br> <br>One time, the garage door wouldn´t open at about 5:30pm (when one of the tenants needed to leave for work), and it took hours for them to get someone over just to open the door, despite the fact that about 8 tenants were trying to get in and out of the building. <br> <br>At least once per month, the trash chutes back up, and it usually takes 2 days to get them unplugged. By then, people pile trash near the chute, and it smells so bad, you have to hold your breath when waiting for the elevator. <br> <br>The units are poorly designed, with loud echoing courtyard noises easily penetrating the thin walls. <br> <br>Ants are a MAJOR problem. <br> <br>There are no external storage spaces, and Lulu is a ---- about what you can store on your porch. <br> <br>There are occasionally suspicious, seedy people on the premises, and security is generally non-existent. <br> <br>The list just goes on and on. <br> <br>All I can say is... just stay away from this place. <br> <br>Similarly, the same people manage the Monterra Del Sol and the Monterra Del Mar, so you might want to reconsider those complexes as well.
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Monterra Del Rey

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