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1400 Technology Lane

Petaluma, CA 94954



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LOFTPARKCENTRAL • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/23/2005
We moved to Park Central just over a month ago and we were very happy until we starting hearing and feeling a loud humming sound/vibration in the master bedroom. This was a slight annoyance at first, and then it became more frequent with the intensity of sound, vibration and duration increasing to the point that we could not sleep or study because of the noise and vibration. After much sleuthing we decided that it must be the ceiling fan in the downstairs apartment. We notified the management, Diana and Jason. They quickly started to find out how and why this sound and vibration was occuring. Within days a new fan was installed in our neighbors ceiling...which intensified the SOUND and VIBRATION! Oh what to do??? We were going insane from the torture of noise and vibration (like living inside of a generator). We were thinking that there was no alternative but to move out. Not a pleasant thought after moving in just over a month ago. However, let us not forget the dilligence and intelligence of the management, Diana and Jason. The soulution was offered that the downstairs neighbor would be given an ample budget to purchase a floor model fan to use instead of the ceiling fan that was causing intollerable discomfort. A huge THANK YOU to our understanding neighbors, and a MILLION thank yous to Diana and Jason for their understanding and diplomatic solution to this very difficult and complex problem. We are loving this aprtment experience. These two make a great team.
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