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Bayside Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/03/2009
i lived in this complex for a year and a half in 1998/99 and at the time i had a nice 3rd floor apt overlooking the bay for only 750 a month! it was awesome.. at the time, i could tell the neighborhood was going downhill and cars were getting broken into. people were loud and i was constantly having to complain about the noise. the apartment manager at the time barbara, was extremely crotchety and rude! which was the 2nd reason my bf and i moved out of there. the first reason was the owners sold and the rents were going up to over 1200 a month for our apartment! they started raising us every other month or so and when we left we were at about 1000 a month! i heard they got rid of the apt manager and did some really nice updates to the apartments and of course raised the price as well. that probably wasnt much of a big deal to the people housing 5 or more people in their 2 bedroom unit. sometimes i didnt even know who lived in some of the apartments and who didnt. i felt fairly safe there but like i said, it was getting worse. don't live by the little park or the pool! super loud! you can forget taking a nap during the day without hearing screaming loud children. the workout facility was always locked and you had to get the key from the office during open hours and half the time, the main equipment was broken. its really a shame this place has gone downhill (the whole street really) because the apartments were really big (ours was about 900 sq ft) the carpet was old but not horrible, the kitchen was pretty modern, a few marks on the lineoleum, and the strip heaters were useless and expensive to run. i wish i had that apartment in a different location. its a shame pinole has become so ------. i moved farther out to the east bay and pay much less for a safer neighborhood... i dont even care that my apartment is smaller. at least i know my car will be there in the morning :)
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Bayside Apartment Homes

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