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Diamond Hillside Apartments



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LivingHappilyEverAfterNOW • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
THANKFULLY - I moved out of Pheasant Ridge/Los Prados apartments. I did all the right things, gave them a 30 day notice, gave them my new address, cancelled my phone, cable and PG&E, cleaned up the apartment. Turned in my keys on the last day of the lease.<br><br>The next day I received a letter from Los Prados (to my new address) stating the amount of deposit coming back to me, minus carpet cleaning (which was fine with me). The letter said that I would receive my deposit back in about 21 days. Well, 21 days passed, 28 days passed...so i finally called Los Prados to see what happened to my check. They told me that they mailed it ... to my Los Prados address. My 'return deposit' check was being mailed to the apartments that I moved out of!!!! They had my new address, they sent me the notification letter. How stupid can these people be?!?!?! And of course, I re-routed my mail through the Post Office, but even that is a long process in itself. <br><br>Anytime anyone asks me to refer an apartment complex in Pittsburg. I tell them to NOT go to Pheasant Ridge/Los Prados.
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Diamond Hillside Apartments

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