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Cinnamon Tree



Resident · 2003 - 2005
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Office Staff
If you want to live in an affluent community for a cheap price, this is the place for you.<br>What you need to keep in mind is there are trade-offs to the cheap price. <br>For instance:<br>1) You'll not get more than 1 parking space, parking is terrible as a resident if you have more than one car. Even the streets are filled. So guest are encouraged to park at IHOP or library accross the street.<br>2) Alot of the families living here are living outside code. You'll find a lot of homes with 2 or 3 families in a 2 bedroom.<br>3) Safety signs are ignored by most residence. There is no real inforcement by property managers. For instance, you'll see signs of no rollerblading, bike riding or ball playing in the parking lots, yet you'll see that on a daily basis.<br>4) Cleanliness, asthetics or safety is apparently not a concern of property management. Gates and fences are rusted. All trash bins are filled to the rim on a daily basis except for a couple of hours after trash pick up. Car port overhead beams are termite infested. The sandlot is unsafe for kids of any age.<br>5) Adult pool often have unsupervised kids despite a sign "no one under 18 is allowed."<br>6) Your neighbors' 6 kids and their brother's 6 other kids are constantly running around and making noise when you get home from work.<br>7) The laundry room is dirty and dingy.<br>But on the flip side...<br>1) There are plenty of cleaner, safer laundrymats. There are even drop off laundrymats where you can drop off your laundry in the morning and pick it up later.<br>2) You'll be at work most of the day and you'll find that the noise subsides after 7pm or a little after chow time.<br>3) Your surrounding community is an affluent community, the cinnamon tree is surrounded by million dollar homes with quite a few full length golf courses nearby.<br>4) You'll be minutes away from several groceries, shopping centers, quite cozy parks with duck ponds and sit down restaurants like IHOP, Hometown Buffet, Japanese, Chinese, Thai Cuisine and several more I've yet to visit.<br>In Summary, you'll find this a decent place to call home. If you end up with a well placed unit like mine nestled in a cozy nook of the complex, there is a sense of being out and away from it all during the weekend. Light up the candles and relax in the tub during the weekend and get out during your weekend nights. You'll hate the fact that part of your rent is being paid to association dues that does you no good since you won't want to use the community pool or laundry, but your home is nestled in an affluent community, you'll be minutes away from Disney, and you'll be right across the street from city hall, city police department and public library making your home a decent place overall if you put a little investment in your inner dwellings.<br>
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Cinnamon Tree

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