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Cinnamon Tree



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
How did this place get more than one star? First of all, management is a joke. Former hoa president is some dude who can only speak broken English pretending he knows anything and won't admit when he's wrong. He cares only about himself and no one else's issues are relevant to him. For example, everyone here says parking is a nightmare. Not for this guy, he was able to secure parking all within our lot for FOUR of his vehicles. Everyone else has to park their second car for a two bedroom unit about a mile down the street (good luck on street sweeping days). I wonder why parking patrol doesn't tow any of his cars when anyone else's car would be towed in less than an hour? The HOA board are all jokes and only go around funneling money into useless crap like the parking gates that have been breaking since day 1. I call them parking gates because it's certainly not a gated community, anyone can walk up to your front door. Also, if you have children, be sure to take a look at Megan's law to see just how SAFE this community is. There are also people dumpster diving multiple times a day, every day. The cockroaches are the about five inches long and about an inch or two wide. There are some crazy fcking spiders. And the ants, oh my god the ants are relentless!!!! But of course the property won't do anything about that.. well because you know... that's your problem. Lol!
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Cinnamon Tree

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