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Highland Orchard Apartments



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HighlandDweller • Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/19/2013
In reading the entry from 12/17/2013, I am inclined to agree. I have resided here since early 2012, and since that time my vehicle (which is assigned to a carport on the opposite corner of the property from my unit) has been vandalized twice and someone attempted to steal it in the early hours of 12/15/2013. Thankfully the suspect was caught in the act by our local PD, but the damage to my vehicle is going to run at least a couple of thousand dollars, and it is currently inoperable. At this juncture I'm not certain what my next approach will be but bypassing the on-site property manager (who is currently on vacation this week) and contacting VPM Management Inc. in Irvine, CA directly appears likely. Security lighting in the carports is spotty, with many burned out fixtures. Light standards are also inoperative around the complex. There are at least three disabled/derelict/expired registration/inoperable vehicles on the east side of the property, two are parked adjacent to my (now damaged) vehicle. Another vehicle has been on jack stands for over a month, when our leases state no major car repair is to take place in the carports. If you drive a nicer vehicle, don't bring it here; it will get broken into. This complex requires more frequent patrols. I also don't bother using the pool during the hot summers due to all the riff-raff that I KNOW don't live there. Many residents here don't take pride in their everyday lives, and it is reflected in how they treat the property-- for example: heaven's sake, you aren't Kobe Bryant, pick up the bag you tried to toss into the dumpster from 8 feet away but missed, and STICK IT IN THERE-- don't leave it! Things like that. Tenants are allowed to have dogs despite language in our lease which specifically prohibits them; some of the dogs I have seen are larger.
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Highland Orchard Apartments

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