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Terrace Apartments



Resident · 2004
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I can echo other postings regarding the heat. The A/C unit in the unit I'm in appears to be over ten years old so it probably does not maintain the same amount of BTU power it once did. The unit can run all day and it's still hot as hell in the evening.<br><br>There is a fair amount of tenants that are just plain disrespectful. The biggest issue here seems to be in relation to noise pollution. If it's not somebody driving through the parking areas with the stereo turned to the max it's probably the person next door with a loud home theater system. I've lived in many apartments and am very aware of what most people would consider reasonable. In these units, the walls are very thin and there is not much you can't hear going on next door to you.<br><br>The maintenance department appears to be very responsive to various needs and they seem keep the grounds in good working order. One very annoying issue though is that when your taking a shower the temperature fluctuates very widely no matter where you set the faucet.<br><br>The kitchens are deluged in high gloss paint which can be understood to a point but it can make for a rather tacky look when there is a lot of light. When I moved in, the carpeting looked to be in pretty decent shape but in less than two weeks it was pretty nappy. The management claims the carpets are "reconditioned" but it is obvious to me that means they are just steam cleaned which only goes so far with old carpet.<br><br>I've never had any parking issues and there is tons of street parking available.<br><br>The pool appears to be kept in good order and the laundry room has decent machines.<br><br>I would give the management about 2.5 stars. They are somewhat responsive on a few issues but rather complacent when it comes to being proactive about tenant issues. A proactive and involved management team could easily find that there are many rules being broken at The Terrace and would quicky act to mitigate the circumstances that allow for those problems.<br><br>Overall, I find the neighborhood to be pretty decent and safe although you would be well served to check with the Placentia Police Department to get incident/crime statistics for The Terrace so you can judge for yourself since this can be a rather subjective issue.<br><br>If your on a budget and willing to put up with some issues then The Terrace could be for you. If you do sign a lease here just do yourself a favor and go for the shortest term possible so you can test it out!
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Terrace Apartments

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